Club Chat Uplifts

Club Chat is full of people that not only have a good time but we have GREAT HEARTS as well. Club Chat UPLIFTS is a place where we can lay our burdens down and not be judged. As you know not all content creators can be trusted however, I'm truly blessed that you all know that I CAN BE. We all go through things in life and sometimes it's a lot easier dealing with the tough and rough times when we have an unbiased yet compassionate ear to listen. Burdens can be lifted even further when you can share what you're going through in confidence. If you are dealing with something or just simply need a listening ear please email me at - Yours Truly Shawn Bradley 

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Club Chat Gives Back

Every other month Club Chat Gives Back to someone within Club Chat. The Bible says if you give with a heavy heart, then don't give at all. I'm proud to say that Club Chat doesn't give with a heavy heart. We give with a loving heart. A little bit goes along way. Breathing Love, Life and Positivity into one another is what Club Chat does best and giving someone a Love Offering is just one of the ways we do it.

Club Chat raised $2000 in one week in order to support first year college students. Club Chat sponsored 10 students. We plan to do more next year.

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